2024.07.06 (Sat) “The Village vol.2”

“The Village vol.2”

2024.07.06 (Sat)
at ochiai soup

presented by takeuma hiroko

Notice | SOUPへのご来場にあたりまして




*soup is a tiny space operated independently, not a commercial venue. Please be considerate to neighbors as we are located in a residential area. Loitering or speaking loud near the entrance may cause inconvenience to neighbors. Also, please do not smoke or drink alcohol in the vicinity. The coin laundry next to the entrance, the stairs at the entrance, and the bicycle parking area in front of the entrance are the space of the public bath “Matsunoyu”, and are not SOUP’s space.

*For the same reason, re-entry is basically prohibited. If you must go outside, please ask for permission at the entrance and go out to the main street. If you need to meet someone, please use the area around the station, not near the entrance (Ochiai station is just around the corner).

*The distance between performers/performers and the audience is very close. Please refrain from any behavior that may interfere with the performance.