2023.01.28 (Sat) “bomb”


2023.01.28 (Sat)
at ochiai soup

open/start 16:00
Door: 3,000yen
U-25: 500yen
ご予約 | reservation:

Junya Yamamura
Mikio Kaminakamura
Yuta Suzuki

food: 焼豚


■Junya Yamamura
Started his career as a DJ/organizer while studying abroad in NY. Since returning to Japan, he has continued to DJ and create parties that fit various spaces such as nightclubs and art venues mainly in Tokyo.
In 2021, he had started his own event “lift” with Ryosuke Tushiya from Pflaume Sound.

■Mikio Kaminakamura
Born in Kawasaki, Japan he started producing his own music. At the same time with his band activities in his teens and twenties, while gradually becoming more and more into electronic and dance music.
Since his debut EP on UNTITLED RECORDS hosted by Fumiya Tanaka in 2016, he has consistently released EPs with a high degree of freedom based on techno and house from INIT, Sundance, and other labels.
Releasing last summer, “Sundance 16” is still fresh in his memory.
He also hosts own party STAMM holding on the first Saturday of even-numbered months at Shibuya Koara where located in Shibuya, Japan.
In March this year, he is planning to co-host a party with his friend “Kikuchi” at a certain location in Tokyo.

■Yuta Suzuki
Record collector / DJ based in tokyo.